Snow dyes

Apparently, WordPress will not allow e-commerce on their site. I started here because it was my understanding that they did allow it.

I started an Etsy shop, so please search for Tantalizing Tints in Etsy to find me.

Check out my Quilt Gallery page to see some of the things you can do with the different sizes.

If the fabrics are listed with the same set number, they were dyed at the same time and should basically ‘match’.  Lots of variations do occur, however.

You really have to see these fabrics to appreciate them fully. I am not quite sure how to describe them, but some sort of phrase like crystalline watercolor might work.

Interested in a special order? Send me a message ( and I will see what I can do for you.

Snow dyes

45″ x 45″  SOLD

Snow dyes


45″ x 45″ SOLD


45″ x 45″ SOLD


45″ x 45″ SOLD


45″ x 45″ SOLD

Set A 45″ x 45″

Set A 22″ x 22″

Set A 22″ x 22″

Set A 22″ x 22″
Set A 22″ x 22″

Set A (4) of (16) 11″ x 11″


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