New dyeing project

I haven’t posted in awhile, but I will try to do so more often. I am doing a bit of rearranging of my site, so excuse the mess.

I am about to start to selling some of my snow dyes on Etsy, and working through all the details is taking a lot of time.

But, what I wanted to share is that I bought a PFD shower curtain from Dharma. Who knew they existed? And once I knew they existed, I needed one. So here’s a picture of how my turned out once I snow dyed it. It was supposed to be blue and green, but ended up with more purple in it. I took a picture of it hanging on my photography stand. My bathroom is way too small to get a good picture with it hanging in there.

I was going to crop the picture, but I kind of like my cat in the picture.

snow dyed shower curtain

snow dyed shower curtain

And I want to link to Off the Wall Friday. I enjoy looking at all the links every week, so you should check it out.


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