I have been working on this quilt for months now.  It all started when my FIL came to visit on his birthday to see my kids play in a band concert.  It snowed that day.  And somewhere during the evening, it occurred to me that it would be really cool to dye some fabric with snow that fell on his birthday.

So, I made some.  And then of course, I thought how cool it would be to make him a quilt from one of the fabrics that I dyed with snow that fell on his birthday.

I tried to pick colors that  I thought would look good in his living room, because this was going to be more of a lap quilt size than a full-sized bed quilt.

Then, I didn’t want to post pictures of it as I was working on it, because what if he <gasp> found out about it beforehand??

I think he really liked it, and I am glad I could make something for him like that.  Now all I have to do is have it snow on my other relative’s birthdays…..


FIL back

And I also have a close up of the quilting on the back.  The back is actually a pale green, but for some reason it photographed as being more white.


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