Trimming snowdyed fabric into a square

Work in progress….Check back later for complete instructions.

Iron your snowdyed fabric, encouraging it to become a square shape.


Fold the fabric from top to bottom, putting the crease along the center line in the fabric design.

Then fold back the top of the fabric at the bottom center, and line up the two patterns.  You want the center line to match.



Next you want to check the corners.  Again, roll up the fabric on the top to peak at the fabric on the bottom.


When you are ready to cut, align the line on the square ruler that corresponds to half of the size you need, along the center line of the pattern on the fabric.  In this case, I needed a 20.5″ square for the center of my Tantalizing 9-Patch pattern, so I aligned the 10.25″ line on the center line of the fabric pattern.  Then align a second edge of the ruler along the center fold of the fabric.  This should allow you to cut along the edge that corresponds to the 0 line.



Then simply flip the ruler around to do the same thing on the other edge.  This will give you a 20,5″ square when you unfold the fabric.




Hand dyed Vintage Linens

I have headed off in a new direction and dyed some vintage linens.  Some items that I have found have a subtle pattern to them.  Sometime the dye brings that pattern out so that it is more visible.  It’s a shame that they were kind of hidden away before.


This was a white napkin with a white pattern.  Barely visible.  I dyed it blue, and look at it now!





I do not have a problem

The first step in changing an addiction is admitting you have a problem.  I do not have a problem.  Therefore, there is nothing that I need to change.  Right?

I am somewhat addicted to dyeing fabric.  I have been dyeing some small pieces of fabric.  Thought I would share a picture.


Another Baby quilt

I finished another baby quilt.  This one for a relative.  She’s even cuter than the quilt is, and the quilt is pretty cute.

Baby quilt DSCF2378

The second picture is a view of the back of the the quilt.  The center is on the left, and it’s a flower shape. The rest of the quilting is also free form.