Cool things to do with dyed fabric

I assume there are quite a few quilters and sewers that will end up checking out this site. They know what to do with fabric, although if they need inspiration, there is a tab with quilts shown, and one with quilt patterns. But if you aren’t a quilter, and you think these are really cool pieces of fabric, or more like works of art, then I have a couple of suggestions for you.

I will tell you about this one idea now, and then come back and add the pictures, because I don’t have them all right now, but I want to share.

One very cool, and very, very, very quick thing that you can do with these fabrics is to put them in a frame. I picked up some from JoAnn Fabric and Craft store and they were originally $8.99, but when I got them they were 60% off, and I know they have tons of coupons out there.

I will add a picture showing the frames I bought.


First, I trimmed a fabric piece to a 10″ square. Then I opened the frame and popped the glass out. I took out the piece of paper with the picture of the people having fun on it, and behind it is a thin piece of cardboard that is gray on one side and black on the other.


I turned it around so the black side was facing up, put on the trimmed fabric piece, slid the glass back in and VOILA, it was done. The glass fits tightly in the frame, and so far mine haven’t shifted, so you don’t need any adhesive to keep the fabric from moving. Can’t get much easier than that. And come back to check to see if I posted a picture, because they look really sharp. I put two in my bathroom, and am really pleased with them.



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