Quilt Gallery

Update April 23, 2013
Finally!! More quilt pictures.

This one has one the 20″ squares in the middle, and then I cut up 6 of the coordinating smaller squares into 4 triangles to use for the flying geese. When I did this, I realized that the blocks are symmetrical top to bottom and side to side, but they aren’t true kaleidoscopic designs. The triangles did not all match, only pairs of them did. Very interesting. It’s is about 40″ square.


And then I just took one of the larger 40″ squares that I really liked and I quilted it as it was. You can’t see the quilting at all in this picture, but I followed some of the shapes that I found in the dye pattern. I tried to make it a continuous curve so that I didn’t have to keep stopping and starting as I was sewing. I ended up marking it in chalk beforehand so that I wouldn’t sew myself into a corner and so that the symmetrical side would be quilted in a similar manner. It got easier as I went along, and I can’t wait to do another one.


    Okay, so you clicked on the button and there are no pictures of quilts here. That is correct, but if you check back, I will have pictures of quilts that I have done.

    So now I have loaded some bad pictures. I know how to take good pictures, but these are not them.

    This one is only basted - it's not a real quilt yet.

    This one is only basted – it’s not a real quilt yet.



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